The history of Breguet watches

Each thing has its source, Breguet watches are no exception. Breguet Watches are very famous, it has a long history, and now we have to introduce its history

Breguet is a manufacturer of luxury watches, founded by Abraham Louis Breguet in Paris in 1775. Currently part of The Swatch Group, its timepieces are now (since 1976) produced in the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. Breguet is one of the oldest surviving watch-making establishments and is the pioneer of numerous watch-making technologies, the most notable being the tourbillon, invented by Abraham Louis Breguet. Breguet has recently introduced a line of writing instruments as a tribute to writers who mention or feature Breguet watches in their works. Breguet watches are often easily recognized for their coin-edge cases, guilloché dials and blue pomme hands (often now referred to as ‘Breguet hands’).The history of horology in the 18th century would not be complete without the probably greatest genius of watchmaking that ever lived, Abraham Louis Breguet.

Among his numerous inventions, the best-known are the Breguet spiral, found until today in every quality watch and wristwatch, and the tourbillon, the whirlwind – an ingenious device that Breguet invented to compensate for gravity influences on the balance spring in pocket watches. Among his other inventions were a new striking mechanism for repeaters, a new escapement, the so-called echappement naturel, similar to the chronometer escapement (1789), in 1790, the parachute shock protection system, the cylinder escapement with a ruby cylinder, and improvements of Perrelet’s automatic winding mechanism, implemented in his around forty Perpetuelles.

Furthermore, Breguet made what we consider today as the first Grande Complication in the history of horology, the watch known as the Marie-Antoinette. This watch was commissioned by the French queen’s guard Monsieur de la Croizette with the explicit order that it should contain all known complications and the greatest possible number of parts made of gold. There were no restrictions as to the time for making the watch or the price. This watch was only finished in 1827 which means that neither the unfortunate queen (Marie-Antoinette was guillotined in 1793) nor the master watchmaker himself (Breguet died in 1823) ever saw the completed watch. The Marie-Antoinette was a self-winding watch with a perpetual calendar, equation of time indication and a minute repeater. It has disappeared since 1983 when it was stolen from the Jerusalem Institute of Islamic Art

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Movado Watches Got Your Wallet Screaming?

I’ll be the first to admit it, Movado watches are some of the most stunning luxury watches on the Market. Not only are they from a company that has a long standing in the jewelry market, but they are also amazing craftsmanship and quality. The one thing that women and men find to be a little disheartening about the Movado watches is the prices. The thing you have to understand in this case though is that you get what you pay for. Now listed below I have a few watches available to you through Movado. These are going to be at different price scales, just to make everyone happy!

Movado Corporate Exclusive Men’s Watch: Two-tone stainless steel case and wristband. Black watch face and dial. Abrasion resistant sapphire crystal. Deployment clasp. A lot of men actually don’t like the two-tone option, but I have to say that for this specific watch – the two tone look really fits nicely! Overall this watch just has a really nice and clean look to it.

Movado Men’s Museum Automatic Watch: This watch is just brilliant looking. Defined by a single dot at 12 presenting the sun at high noon, the Museum Watch dial is construed as an icon of Contemporaneity. It was designed by Bauhaus-influenced artist Nathan George Horwitt in 1947.

ESQ Quest Chronograph Black Crocodile Grained Leather Strap Watch: This is actually a watch I bought for my father last year when he retired. This is considered his “cool” watch. It’s stainless steel and had a black leather band made that is crocodile grained. This versatile and functional timepiece features, bright white guilloche sunburst treatment dial with luminous hands and exaggerated silver-tone markers, as well as a large calendar display.

Movado Faceto Men’s White Dial Steel Watch: This watch is actually quite plain to be honest, but it’s also got a really clean look as well and very simple. It’s not really going to be for the guy that wants everyone to see his $800 watch. This is for the guy that wants functionality with durability and quality all in one watch. This features a stainless steel watch with a white dial face and silver hour markings as well as silver hands. Other valuable features include a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, meticulous Swiss quartz movement, and water resistance to 30 meters.

While these watches aren’t $20 watches, they are going to be worth it in the end. They are going to stand up to the test of time, they are going to make you not only feel good, but look good, and they are the kinds of watches that you can have for years on end and they will still look as good as the day you bought them! Now for me, and most other people, this is what makes a watch a watch. Anyone can go and buy a $20 watch, but what good is it going to do you?

Is it going to stay around until your next birthday? Probably not. People produce luxury watches such as Movado watches because they know that by charging a tiny little bit more money, but offering an amazing watch piece they can still get buyers such as yourself – people that really know what the word quality stands for!

O.J. and his fake rolex – The juice isn’t loose!

Like celebrities? Like name brand luxury watches like Jacob watches? Yea, me too. … Don’t be surprised however when a celebrity chooses to wear iced out diamond replica watches.

Even celebrities and sports stars are rockin the fake diamond breitling watches. Many remember back in 07 when O.J. was ordered to give his rolex watch to the Goldmans and in doing so it was found that he was actually just rockin’ a fake one. In 2007 A Santa Monica judge ordered the former football star to turn over his gold Rolex Submariner watch  estimated to be worth $12,000 to $22,000  to the family. But the Hall of Fame running back hit them with a fake, in a literal sense, when it was discovered that the luxury timepiece was a replica made in the people’s republic of China, worth about $125.

“It was made by the finest craftsmen in China,” said David Cook, “It’s a people’s Rolex.” the Goldman family attorney who plans to return the watch to Simpson. But where he will go to return it is a mystery, will he visit o. j. in jail? After all, the Juice is no longer loose.

Humorous as this is, many celebrities do purchase and wear knock off replica watches. Replica watches can make celebrities appear classy and professional and yet you do not have to spend the thousands of dollars that the original watches cost. There is no reason that these watches should be limited to celebs therefore if you want to add a touch of class to your accessory go for replicas.

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A Look At Swiss Made Time Pieces Including Panerai Watches

If you want the ultimate in luxury watches, only one nationality will do. Swiss watches such as Panerai watches and Jaeger LeCoultre watches have long been known for their quality and collectability. The Swiss have been perfecting the interior movements that Panerai watches and Jaeger LeCoultre watches use in order to make them as precise and reliable as possible.

The Swiss have had a long history of creating beautiful and precise time pieces. From the earliest models to the latest Jaeger LeCoultre watches and Panerai watches, Swiss timepieces are known for their complexity and the fact that they tend to be far more complex than other timepieces on the market.

Panerai watches in particular have had a long history. Although they look very Italian on the outside, the inner workings of Panerai watches are all Swiss. The traditions begun in the first Panerai watches by company founder Giovanni Panerai have carried on through the years and the brand is still known for the beauty and dependability of its timepieces.

Panerai watches are available in both classic styling and more contemporary design. Whether you like the look of a steel housing or one made of a more precious metal, Panerai watches can deliver. You can find these watches with a variety of straps and features such as dial color, water resistance and the ability to track date changes as well as the passage of the hours and minutes.

All Jaeger LeCoultre watches are also very high end time pieces. They feature multiple complications. The term complication refers to any function that a watch is capable of displaying beyond the time and date alone. Some of the complications available on Jaeger LeCoultre watches and other high end time pieces include alarms, calendars, chronographs and even specific functions which are used by divers.

Jaeger LeCoultre watches are available in both men’s and women’s watches. Like all high-end Swiss timepieces, Jaeger LeCoultre watches are designed to be precise and durable. It can be difficult for a mechanical wristwatch to maintain its accuracy, especially for watches that require winding but Jaeger LeCoultre watches are very precise however.

One of the main differences you will notice between the watches that Panerai creates and the Jaeger LeCoultre watches is the look of these time pieces. Panerai produces very modern time pieces that have beautiful lines and Italian styling. Jaeger LeCoultre watches also have many modern design features but overall they tend to have more classic lines. A perfect example of this is the Reverso Duetto ladies watch. This has Art Deco styling and smooth, flowing lines. It also features a hand wound action which is rare in this day of automatic and digital time pieces.

If you want to make sure that the time pieces that you are purchasing live up to their reputations, you may want to consider Swiss-made timepieces. Whether you are looking at Panerai or Jaeger LeCoultre watches you will know that your watch will stay with you and remain accurate and dependable years down the road.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5

The new Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 by TAG Heuer is a luxury watch inspired by deep sea diving. The watch comes in many different versions including a black, silver or blue dial with vertical streak effect

Tag Heuer offers the new Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 up for pre-order. The new Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M CALIBRE 5 is the latest addition to the Aquaracer collection. This new TAG Heuer watersports watch is offering divers with the functions they need and not more.
Tag Heuer says the Aquaracer 500M CALIBRE 5 is made to last forever.
You can pre-order the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 on the Tag Heuer watches site

Each of the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 M Calibre 5 luxury watches come with hand applied indexes, a orange second hand, luminescent markers and indexes, a date window at the 9 o’clock marker and hand applied TAG Heuer logo.

Automatic Movement: TAG Heuer Calibre 5.


TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5

The case of this new TAG Heuer replica watch has a fine brushed steel case with fine brushed edges, unidirectional turning bezel, screwed in crown with rubber coating, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, automatic helium valve at the 10 o’clock marker, and 500 meters of water resistance.

Some men perform best under pressure. They thrive under stress.
When things get tough, they don’t get going, they stick it out and excel. Physical or mental, it adds up to one thing: an opportunity to truly prove something. Not to others, but to one’s self.

Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 

Pressure? The only pressure is the one we put on ourselves. This is the driving force behind the new AQUARACER 500M CALIBRE 5, a luxury watch inspired by the extreme requirements of professional deep-sea diving.
The most resistant and reliable timepiece of its generation, it is also one of the most versatile — a high-performance, go-anywhere, do-anything sportswatch that redefines the standard codes and conventions of luxury Swiss watchmaking.

Additionally, the bracelet comes in many different stunning options including a steel bracelet or black rubber strap.

The Long Road to High Fashion: Louis Vuitton’s History

When it comes to chic style, nothing can rival the distinction of a Louis Vuitton purse, Louis Vuitton wallet, or Louis Vuitton sunglasses. Diehard brand loyalists think nothing of handing over an entire paycheck just for a small handbag. Some of the world’s most prominent actors, musicians, and models are often photographed carrying the latest Louis Vuitton fashions.

So what is the motivation for such high demand? What makes Louis Vuitton purses so much better than other handbags?

For one thing, the fashion house is rooted in a long, quality-driven heritage. Since its inception in 1821, the company has been creating some of the industry’s finest designer luggage pieces and handbags. Louis Vuitton himself first began working from a small shop in Paris, France. After demand increased among travelers, he increased production of his steamer bag, “Keepall” overnight bag, and flat carrying case. Today, the Keepall is still one of the designer’s most widely demanded travel pieces. From there, he expanded his designs to include carry-on bags, cosmetics bags, miniature trunks, jewelry cases, computer bags, and more.

Over time, Louis Vuitton began designing luxury watches and, with the addition of his son Georgie to the design team, duffel bags and purses. When Georgie unveiled the monogrammed canvas motif, the design quickly took the fashion world by storm and became the hallmark of the brand. Three decades after launching the first store, the Louis Vuitton announced the opening of a London-based store. Throughout the 1900s, nearly 130 additional stores were opened throughout the world, responding to a growing international demand for the company’s luxury wares.

Designer talent has always been a prime focus of the Louis Vuitton Company. After announcing a merger with designer Moet Hennessey in 1987, the fashion house partnered with acclaimed designer Marc Jacobs. Patrick Vuitton continued to supervise operations. In the new millennium, Louis Vuitton continues to bring in millions of dollars in profits each year, as demand remains steady for their luxury purses and accessories. Rivaled by such top brands as Fendi, Gucci, and Prada, Louis Vuitton remains a fashion icon throughout Africa, India, Japan, China, and Korea, in addition to the United States.

In spite of cutting-edge technologies that have made production more efficient, the Louis Vuitton designers have adhered to rigorous standards of craftsmanship, never using machines or assembly lines to produce their fine goods. Master artisans train new apprentices in the fine art of leatherworking, ensuring that each and every product offers premium quality and durability.

Classic Louis Vuitton Styles

Over time, there have been certain time-honored favorites that have enjoyed a consistent demand among consumers:

• Mimicking the popular Keepall travel bag, the Speedy is a roomy Louis Vuitton handbag with an oversized main compartment that accommodates all of your everyday essentials — and then some. Several style options are available.

• As its name implies, the Neverfull is spacious enough to take anything you can throw into it. Choose from a wide array of colors, fabrics, and sizes. If you’re looking for a substantially sized purse without unwieldy bulk, the Neverfull is for you.

• With its stylish drawstring closure, the long-acclaimed Noe has been a Louis Vuitton fixture since its 1932 debut.

• A playful oyster shell shape distinguishes the Elipse bag. Consumers can choose from two versatile sizes, both boasting the same lighthearted style.

If you’re looking for a high-fashion, heirloom-quality accessory to call your own, you can’t go wrong with a Louis Vuitton handbag!

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Watch story: Cartier Santos Series

Today, almost no one went out without a watch, but we wear a watch at the time may be difficult to imagine that 100 years ago, the world still can be worn on the wrist is not on the table, if you want to know the time, one must each time from the pocket watch of view, is very inconvenient. So, who invented the convenient watch? Why did he invent watch it? In fact, behind this have on the talented, the legendary story of friendship and innovation……

Nineteenth century, flourished in the cultural activities in Paris, Lu Yika in Asia – was the British King Edward VII as the “emperor’s jewelers, jewelers Emperor” of the brand “Cartier” and third-generation descendant, became acquainted with the well-known mountainous degrees Shi Dumeng pilot Alberto (Alberto Santos-Dumont). In that known as the “Belle Epoque” (Belle poque) period of time, flight pioneer Santos can be called representative figures, his intellect, and passion filled. Themselves as “hill Santos (Petit Santos)”, he is always dressed in crisp dark striped suit, and a dome of a wide-brimmed hat a gentleman is his most distinctive mark. He and Lu Yika Cartier deeply appreciate each other’s talents, and innovative attitude and relentless pursuit of the perfect design, and became very good friends. One night, troubled Santos told friends Lu Yika to Asia, he was in flight, because his hands could not leave the control device, you can not watch pocket out to confirm the time, it would lose the chance to win prizes air race. He would like to ask this in the watch industry’s prestigious friends to help solve problems. Cartier complained to friends in mind, in 1904 with a new design of flying adventurer who solves problems. This new design is the name of the naming of their friends watch Cartier Santos watch only the first is also the world’s first watch.

In the Santos worn on the wrist on the table before the people are more accustomed to using a pocket watch pocket. However, adventurous and innovative spirit of the two pioneers Cartier and Santos, in the 100 years ago, the trend for the innovative aspects of this outstanding contribution, but it makes the watch quickly replaced the watch, and became a new favorite dream and become a indispensable accessories of people’s lives, creating a whole new area of technological processes. Santos by Cartier watch creation, Lu Yika in Asia has also changed the relationship between humans and the time to realize Cartier luxury watches legend.

More than 100 years later, Cartier watches jewelry industry has become the world’s indisputable leader, it’s best-known works by Santos watch has also introduced a series of new, but all of the Santos family watch, but still adhering to 1904 was the essence of the world’s first watch, to adopt a screw Santos aircraft-inspired first screw explicit design, simple elegant geometric shapes, modern full design, after a century are still popular around the world without losing the style of fashion logo . Not long ago, newly published models Santos 100, to commemorate the production of this classic series and in particular to increase the size of the lines showed a strong fortitude, the unique screw design inherited centuries of tradition, no doubt love the table and understand the people’s choice for the table. Another series of Santos-Dumont watch, case with rose gold, gold or platinum are made, after the exquisite Cartier polishing or satin finish and echo each other with the dial tone, octagonal-shaped crown studded with rounded cutting Sapphire, as the wrist between the treasures. The Santos Demoiselle Cartier watch is a special dedication to the elegant woman, sparkling diamonds set in gold on the noble, and then refined with delicate gold strap, Demoiselle watch if gorgeous jewelry, filling of women touching charm.

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Best way to Buy a Swatch – Full Blooded Unisex Watch SVCK4032G

Swatch watches started gaining popularity when the Swiss manufacturers lost their share of the market to Japanese manufacturers. In 1984, Swatch sold 2.3 million watches. In the mid 80’s they acquired an important position in USA. These watches were not only fashionable, but were also cheap. Swatch luxury watches and the Swatch Company are a renowned name today. Among the fashionable watches, the Swatch full blooded unisex watch SVCK4032G is one of the best selling models, and is suitable for any occasion.

All of us know what the prime function of a watch is, besides being a status-symbol. When you plan to buy a wrist watch, you need to take into account certain aspects to ensure you make an informed decision:

•    If you are particular about accuracy, then it is best to buy a quartz watch. Their battery lasts for a long time and need not be changed for two to three years. There is also no necessity to wind these watches.
•    If you wish to look stylish and affluent, then it is best to choose a mechanical watch. These watches are artistically designed and look classy.
•    If you cannot devote much time for yourself, then buying mechanical watches will not be for you. It is better to buy quartz watches since there is no need to wind them.
•    If accuracy of time is not your prime objective, then you can choose precious metallic watches. Here you have two options which may help you to make the best choice. Either you can opt for economical watches, made of stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber. Alternatively, you can go for expensive watches made from materials like diamond, gold or silver.
•    When you have decided to spend the money, it is best to buy a watch that has multiple features. Also, a watch with an alarm is a great advantage.
•    Before we buy a watch, an important feature to take into consideration is its water-resistance capacity. A good watch should be accompanied by water-resistance ratings. Such watched could be used even while swimming.

Watches are very widely sold at online stores where you can also get some attractive discounts. If you wish to buy a Swatch full blooded unisex watch SVCK4032, spend some time researching online and you are sure to find some great deals online.

Leather Watch Straps Appeal to the Masses

Leather has always had its own place in the fashion industry and the watch is no different. A matter of fact, a leather watchstrap, or band is often worn to all kinds of events and occasions. There are many watch manufacturers that now create beautiful and luxury watches with leather bands.

Today you can find such manufacturers as Lacoste, Black Dice, Triumph, Casio, Diesel, Rotary, Police, DKNY, Seksy, Fossil, Guess, Swatch, Timex, Sekonda, and Tonino Lamborghini all offering various watches with leather bands.

Leather watches are used by many manufacturers to add a unique look to the various styles and designs of the watches. The Tonino Lamborghini Speedster is one that with the leather strap provides the watch with a wonderful theme of elegance whereas if you look at the Soyuz Russian Tank II or the Soyuz SuperNova you will see a bit of a different look even if the strap is leather it does not provide an elegant look but a more sleek design. Then there is the Diesel Black Label men’s bangle watch with five movements that resembles a futuristic style.

Women can enjoy many different styles of watches with leather straps by leading designers such as the Lacoste White dial/tan leather strap, Seksy Ladies Seconda Watch, Guess MUSE, Diesel Ladies Purple Dial, Fossil Ladies Dress, Swatch Blofeld’s Cat- You Only Live Twice, Rotary Ladies Classic Stainless Steel Wristwatch, DKNY Ladies Silver Faced Quartz Watch, Diesel Ladies Brown Leather Strap Watch, Swatch Elektra King- The World Is Not Enough, Michael Kors Ladies Chronograph Black Dial Black Strap Watch, and the Swatch Xenia Onatopp- Goldeneye.

Leather can add a bit of flair, elegance, styles, outdoorsy feel, or more according to the style and design of the manufacturer. Leather is similar to gold in that it will never go out of style.

For anyone that has allergy problems with metals, leather is often the choice for luxury and even elegant styled watches. Instead of worrying about allergies due to the silver or gold breaking out your wrist, you can now find a large variety of watches with leather bands that will still allow you to enjoy all the functions as well as the unique designs. If you desire a bit more style to your watch and have the desire to have stones on the watch, you can even find a few watches offering crystals with leather bands such as the Police Glamour Matrix gold, Swatch Steel+charm, and the Marc Ecko Better off Dead.

Army AirBoss Mach 6 Power Guage for The Fifth Anniversary of Victorinox Swiss Army

In celebration of its AirBoss Collection that has been very popular since launched in 2008, Victorinox Swiss Army created the  AirBoss Mach 6 Power Guage in 2008, inspired by the flight deck boss of today’s aircraft carriers. The AirBoss Mach 6 Power Gauge will be produced in a very limited edition of 333 units. Each timepiece will be deployed and recovered in a special collector’s box with certificate acting as its airbase.

Recognizable at first sight this very special timepiece is held in a strong 45mm diameter steel case and triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal allow the view on a striking black dial. The chiseled hands and numbers with PVD Black Ice coating and luminescent segments on all hands and subdial markers ease the use in the dark. The aggregate with the very advanced power reserve gauge function is featured by a 7750 Valjoux self-winding chronograph movement. Backcase delicate engraved details show the Swiss Air force emblem and the limited edition number of the individual timepiece. Through the sapphire crystal the inside mechanic is visible and the oscillating weight with Victorinox Swiss Army logo engraving underlines the bold statement to detail. Elegant dimension to the dial, and the crown – with embossed cross and shield emblem – reflects the brand’s full attention to finishes. The power is held together by a black leather strap with grey stitching

The beauty and fascination of this timepiece lies in its cockpit like feeling with all its instruments and control. Good watch of good value for discerning man.