The Most Practical Watches

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Watch band changing – many offers of wrist watches on the Internet

If you already have to change your watch band, why not even change to a different watch band. You will find a large number of wrist watches in the network. Watch straps are also something of a fashion accessory. You may even be trendy and lead, fitting and tailored to the Clock on the dressing room to a nice result for a well maintained or if you want trendy, fashionable look.

When selecting a new watch band, it is also especially important to feel comfortable with the new watch band. You can own a watch band so if it pinches and tweaks, it does not fulfill its useful purpose. A watch band must be easy to wear comfortable. Finally, it is for us and the associated clock is not just a utensil but a constant companion. Therefore, the selection criteria for a quality watch band is just as important and even more important than the look of the new watch band.

Now it is for watches bracelets, thank God, not like those of shoes. A comfortable and pleasant to wear wrist watches can still be very smart and also prepare the eye of the viewer’s pleasure. Many high-quality watch bands are especially beautiful, even while wearing superangenehm and cuddly.

Such a watch band is not hard to find. The Internet contains many good deals and because it is so easy to mount a new watch band yourself, you absolutely have to access it.

There are a range of both watches, metal bands as well as those from leather, nylon, polyurethane or silicone. These range from exclusive watch straps and more like real shark for luxury watches, watch bands for specific brand Casio, Citizen, Breitling, Jaeger LeCoultre. Up to fashionable watches bracelets from calfskin. The order and the assembly of wrist watches is easy to perform. Good quality but you should respect.

Latest Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch and Cabestan Nostromo Watch

Ariel Adams, the webmaster and the main contributor of the luxury watch review blog, reveals that he recently tried the the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch on his wrist, and the result is impressively fantastic as shown above in the picture. As we know, it is famous watch designer who designed the Cabestan. And the related watch artisan spared no effort to make sure the watch has adorable appearance and reliable functions. It is no exaggeration to say  the finishing on the Cabestan is second to none.

The latest version of Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch shows a few differences from the previouis model that was released several years ago. And the biggest change is that it has the winch removed. I guess it is to smoothen the line of the case and enhance its appearance. The original winch, as a independent part, was fitted at the right side of the watch. You can use it to wind the watch. And another big change is that this version is resized to a reasonable size to make it fit into normal wrist. The resized project must be very tough given the complexity of the watch.

Inside the watch, there has two sapphire crystal glasses that allows you have a clear view of the vertically-placed tourbillon that also displays seconds, hours and minutes. And the power reserve indicator is located on the on the mainspring barrel. The watch applies a complication of fusee and chain to transfer the power.

I have to say, the new Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch is so damn cool, though it takes some minutes to make clear its complex functions.

And the next watch offer from Cabestan is the Nostromo-name of a shion in the Alien movie. This new Cabestan comes with similar theme as the the Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch, but it is less expensive-just goes for 150,000 Swiss France. And you knw the original model sells at 325,000 Swiss Francs. The Nostromo is fitted with just one sapphire crystal over the front and it applies rive-shaft system to transfer power from the mainspring to the movement. It replaces the winch with a pop-out crown that stays inside the watch when it is not used. And movement is further revealed by two sapphire crystal sides. What is more interesting is that, the watch has new image at night as the movement and the strap have some special areas coated with SuperLumiNova.

Cartier Marcello Bag

Cartier Marcello Bag

Cartier, the leader in luxury market, especially in jewels and watches, has a 150-year history and will still shed its particular charming and compose its own successful story in the luxury field. Of course, Cartier has certainly benefit from the recent luxury boom and its jewels and watches are much more desirable than most other luxury brands, we still shouldn’t ignore its handbag line. In fact, Cartier designer handbags still play an important role in luxury industry, just like its jewel items.

As we know, a woman’s handbag speaks volumes of her favor and style. If you are a great designer addict, the Cartier Marcello Bag is sure to go in for. I really wonder to know how many of you are fans of the bag. As far as I concerned, almost every woman thirst for the Marcello Bag, just like own a Marcello man. What is the Marcello means? In Italian, people name women’s ‘Mr.Right’ the ‘Marcello’, and it now has been a hot catchword of European ladies.

We have to admit that the Marcello bag is all elegance. No matter the exterior or the interior, it manifests its gorgeous appearance. The top quality leather materials make a smooth and supple feeling. I’m very happy to say that we have large number of Cartier replica handbags of the item in stock. Small, medium or large size depends on your carry needs; crocodile or ostrich grain in kinds of colors, absolutely a huge choice for you! The large double C logo on the front, oversized zip closure for easy access and the fine fabric lining, all of the details make carrying comfortably. Besides, Cartier takes special care to delicate details like the protective bottom feet. In a word, the chic style made the legendary jeweler enter the luxury market with a more elaborate range of leather goods. It never let us down.

Celebrity devotees include Jennifer Garner, Monica Bellucci and Julianne Moore. Would you want to get one? Hope you really like it.

Corum President Michael Wunderman Face-To-Face Talk

1- How has your partnership with the World Series of Poker impacted Corum?

The partnership with the WSOP has broadened Corum’s notoriety and recognition to a completely new audience. Poker has experienced a phenomenal growth the past couple of years and has transformed into a legitimate sport. Being the first brand to embrace the sport has positioned us to own that segment. We are now also sponsoring the upcoming Sports Legends Challenge, which takes place in September at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. This unique poker tournament teams up former pro athletes with poker stars in a tournament with prizes over $10,000,000.

2- I have read that aside from your duty as the President of Corum USA, you also have a lot of input on the design of Corum timepieces. Is this true?

This is true. As well as being President of Corum USA I am the Creative Director of the Board for Corum internationally and work closely with Switzerland on all product designs. Together with my father and Antonio Calce, the current CEO, we developed the product strategy for the brand that is currently in the market. We have developed our core collection and are now continuing to strengthen the current line with new creations that reinforce the brand identity and reputation.

3- What are you doing to grow Corum’s market share? Where do you see Corum in 10 years?

Our long-term strategy is to offer a unique timepiece collection manufactured with the highest quality of Swiss watch making know-how with inherent value offered at a competitive price position. We feel that focusing on the evolution of the core product line and strengthening our manufacturing capabilities in Switzerland is the way to secure our future and become more independent.

4- What is your favorite Corum timepiece? What timepiece(s) have you been wearing lately?

My favorite Corum Timepiece is the Admiral’s Cup Chronograph 48 Black Flag. It is a piece I designed last year exclusively for the US market and was the first of the new Admiral’s Cup models to feature the 12 nautical flags without color. The contrasting blue super-luminova on the black dial and black PVD case really makes a bold statement. And we only manufactured 100 units making it an instant collectible.

5- Does Corum have any boutiques planned in the near future? Or is this an unnecessary expense, especially considering the current economic climate?

We do not have plans to open a boutique at the moment. We feel that it is still necessary to focus our investment in the brand at the manufacturing level and provide the best marketing tools to our customers. Our network of retailers is the best in the business and we are committed to building the success of the brand with them, and not become a competitor to them by opening our own boutiques.

6- What are some other watch brands you admire?

I admire Ulysses-Nardin and their commitment to innovate. I admire Audemars-Piguet and their strength in branding and promotion. I admire Jaeger Le Coultre and the ambition to excite. I also admire Franc Vila for their focus and passion for design.

7- What timepieces will Corum focus on in the future? Any teasers?

We have focused mainly on the Admiral’s Cup collection over the past several years. We will now be focusing on expanding the Bridge Collection as well as the Romvlvs Collection. Be ready to be impressed at the next Baselworld.

8- Corum has recently introduced the CO007 and CO113 movements, built entirely in-house, will you continue to develop new movements in-house?

Yes of course. The landscape for movement supply is drastically changing and it is extremely important to assert your independence for the future and one way to do that is to create your own products. We have invested heavily in design and development in-house and are working on many new products that will continue to strengthen our vision for the road ahead.

9- I have heard people online mention that black is a fad in watches and it is not here to stay. What are your thoughts on black PVD, DLC and Ceramic treatments? Is black here to stay?

Black is still very, very hot right now. I believe that it will be hot for another year or two. I think rubber on watches is a trend that is here to stay.

10- I personally like the 44 mm Admiral’s Cup Challenge over the 48 mm versions. Which size is more popular right now?

The 48 mm is the most popular right now and has been for the past few years. This trend will not last. Knowing that, we have created a new 44 mm Admiral’s Cup model we are calling the GMT 44. It is, as the name states, 44 mm in diameter, but is not as thick as the current Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44. The GMT 44 is definitely an Admiral’s Cup through and through, but it is much more wearable as an everyday watch. In this economic climate people want to purchase products that are not trendy. They want style longevity. That is what the GMT 44 offers.

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Dior Kings and Queens Jewelry and Victoire de Castellane

The Kings and Queens Jewelry designed by Victoire de Castellane has been added to the Dior Joaillerie Collection.

As the first high jewelry design, Victoire de Castellane, a descendant of France Comtesse de Provence is famous for her brimming imaginations and romantic designs.

As early as the the design drawing were released, the Kings and Queens was given very high appreciation from western fashion circles. Now, the real jewelry works are 100% surprising hits.

The wedding rings features skulls wearing the crown of the King or       Queen. The skull are crafted from precious stones like opal, quartz and Obsidian. In my eyes, the jewelry collection is truly works of art, absolutely breathtaking, 100% royal and luxury with a mysterious horrific touch.

I really want to have one and step in to the grave of love.

About Victoire de Castellane

Victoire de Castellane was born in a French royal family. She worked in Chanel for 14 years before she was appointed Dior’s first leading high jewelry designer in 1998. Her imaginative jewelry works are highly popular in the industry. According to Victoire de Castellane, her creativities  comes from her own desires. She always thinks about what she wants and what she does not have. And the jewelry pieces take shapes in her mind when she thinking.

Until now, Victoire still imagines she was a princess wearing jewelry. And that is why her works are always full of fantastic touches of fairy tales. Her jewelry works have lots of inspirations sources such as nature world, children world, Hollywood movies, pass-by women fairy tales and many more

Comparison about Quartz and Mechanical Watches!

1. Simple tips to distinguish quartz Watches and mechanical watches
Usually, you can get the point via simply looking for the engraved text on back of the case, “QUARTZ” or “AUTOMATIC”. Besides, you could also distinguish them by the way the indicators go,  mechanical watches tick, though, quartz watches hand sweeps smoothly instead of ticking once every second. Occasionally, if the watch ticks two or four seconds at a time, dont worry, it’s still a quartz watch! But take note: when this happens, you may check your battery, consider replacing it since some high grade watch informs you it’s power off via ticking two or four seconds at a time.

2. The Pros and Cons of Mechanical Watches:
Mechanical could be divided into the following two: Manual winding up and Automatic. They’re both powered from the spring integrated into watch movement, the spring drives gears and indicators, but different where their power come from. The former can be winded up manually, their movement are normally thinner than automatic watches, so is the weight of watches. Automatic watches are drived by the power derived from the swing of auto device, thicker and heaver than manual winding up watches.

Cons: Higher inaccuracy than quartz watches, depending on the manufacturing quality and due to the influence of gravitation from earth. Generally speaking, the error for a mechanical watch can be low to S/D(seconds per day), but it’s S/M(seconds per month) for a quartz watch!

Pros: If maintained regularly, it can last for rather long.

3. The Pros and Cons of Quartz Watches
Quartz, an white oxide consisted of sio2, vibrates when placed in oscillator circuit, under special condition, it delivers its frequency back to circuit. People take full use of  this feature into quartz movement, transfering electricity into kinetic energy via quartz oscillator. One circuit board with resistance and capacitance device, a watch movement is done,  then assembled by case, crystal and bracelet, that will be a complete quartz watch!

Cons: Most of quartz batteries last for only one or two years, then you have to replace it with a new item. Second, since quartz watches feature quartz oscillator, which will
decay after five to eight years use, and no longer accurate as before, it’s time to get replaced, though, due to the development of modern industry, and high human cost, it is not worth changing these small components manually, alternatively, why not replace your watch with a new quartz movement?

Pros: Accurate, light weight, and easy to maintain.

4. Mechanical Watches Maintenance
The most common situation you may meet for a mechanical watch, is watered or stricken. Do not get it watered unless it’s signed as “water resistant”. Or it will result in mechanical corrosion, worse if it’s seawater. Even what you own is water resistant watch, in general, it could just last for a year, that’s because of one year wear and tear, along with some outer conditions, i.e. sweat and dust, the rubber ring which can block water will get degraded, so your care will be essential, a good choice is to replace the rubber ring, or you won’t get your watch water resistant any more.

Another thing you may mind more is, keeping away stricken. It’s great if you have two or three watches as choices under your affordability: Quartz watches for sports, and mechanical watches when you’re still, wear watches that suit corresponding circumstances, you watches will last longer.

Mechanical watches are drived by gears items and the spring, surely inevitable friction requires your jobs to keep all the gears running smoothly, i.e. refueling and lubricating, to decrease rate of wearing. Or just repair it until it’s out of work, maybe the problem has been very serious, you mustn’t want to see that things.

Better take your mechanical watches “home”(where it’s manufactured or repaired) every year, see whether you have been wearing it properly, and watered or not. Of course, the first thing, you really cherish your “luxury watches”!

Mechanical watches stand for arts and crafts, but quartz watches are more accurate. hope you guys have found your answers!

The History of Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is based in Milan, Italy and operates under the leadership of founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

After starting his design career by working in his father’s clothing business, Dolce moved on to study fashion design. He became an assistant designer in a Milan workshop in 1980, where he met Gabbana. It was a fateful meeting and in 1982, with a small investment, they opened their own studio in Milan

Starting out as freelancers, their first breakthrough in came in 1985 when they were chosen to display their work at the Milano Collezioni event. The bold and sexual nature of their designs made an immediate impression and cemented the Dolce & Gabbana name in fashion circles. The following year they introduced their first “ready to wear” women’s line. Drawing inspiration from the Italian film industry and blending their own Mediterranean spirit with English eccentricity, they were directed more towards making women look sexy then setting trends.

In 1987, the first Dolce & Gabbana showroom was opened in Milan. They went from strength to strength in the late 80s thanks in a large part to endorsements from stars like Isabella Rossellini. Celebrities like Madonna and Whitney Houston also began showing interest in their increasingly more sensual designs It was Dolce and Gabbana in fact who created the costumes for Madonna’s Girlie Show in 1993 and Whitney’s 1999 tour.

New markets were introduced to the Dolce & Gabbana phenomenon when the company’s first franchise store opened in Japan in 1989.

The late 80s and early 90s saw the addition of swimwear to their range, as well as a men’s collection. Expansion into scarves and ties came next, and in 1992 they unveiled their first branded perfume. A year later footwear and men’s underwear were added to the company’s growing product line.

A new line directed at a wider and younger market was launched as D&G Dolce & Gabbana and was quickly followed with the opening of specialized boutiques and the introduction of an eyewear line in the late nineties.

Innovation and diversification continued in 2000 when the company created a leather and footwear division, as well as launching a collection of luxury watches. A line of children’s clothing was then introduced in 2001.

Today Dolce & Gabbana, under the guidance of its ambitious and confident owners, continues to expand aggressively and has firmly established itself as one of the world’s leading and most respected Fashion Houses. Considered by many to be the most powerful and influential designers of our time, their clients include some of the best dressed people in the world.

British bookmakers betting 6 to 4 for China's GDP over the United States in ten years

Formal recognition in Japan, China still, the British betting company introduced 14 new products rapidly to 6 to 4 odds bet on China than the United States by 2020. U.S. GDP in 2010 is still more than twice China, Chinese people have long past the age for such beyond excited, but it became the West “as a hobby similar to horse racing bets.”

In fact, for China as an economic “boss”, the world regardless of political or resources, are not ready.

According to the British “Financial Times” reported that 15 British betting company Ladbrokes Group 14 launched a new product, allow investors to bet on when China would overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy. The swiss watches men. Ladbrokes to provide betting odds of 6 to 4, betting that China will overtake the United States in 2020.

Ladbrokes spokesman Donovan 15, confirmed that the company officially launched the product with the Japanese than the Chinese about the hot news. When asked by reporters how to determine the odds of 6 to 4, when Donovan explained that the odds involved in the development and characteristics of novel gaming sector, “Odds preparation group” members are used to study the economic, financial professionals, for These professionals, the odds of a football match can be calculated in minutes, so with seven or eight hours to assess the odds of time in China overtake the United States, but also reasonable.

What the British gaming company has been Dugan gambling, the results from the World Cup, to the British royal family, the date of marriage has a son. The luxury watches for men. But because of this gambling money involved in winning or losing, more often than the media’s prediction of more cautious. Gaming companies rarely take the two economies to introduce such a strange race betting products.

China’s GDP in 2010 reached about 5.9 trillion dollars, the United States last year’s economic scale is 14.6 trillion dollars, between the two countries have a long distance. But the “Financial Times” said that according to the definition of Ladbrokes, the gap between China and the United States than people’s minds, because this measure of GDP used by gaming companies take into account the national standard cost of living, this measure is called purchasing power parity. The luxury watches brands. In this way, an American economist, said last year that the scale of the Chinese economy in 2010 has increased to 14.8 trillion U.S. dollars, more than the United States to 14.6 trillion dollars. But other economists said the objection to this result.

History of Rolex

Known to be the world’s bestselling watch company, with over 100 years of history, Rolex could be written as the definitive textbook in branding, with an emphasis for luxury items. Unfortunately, for many customers today, branding has taken on a negative nuance. Pop culture ads that rely on fashion and polling trends, naming right battles, mass production that sacrifice quality through outsourcing – these are some of the different means that companies use to gain success. However, Rolex has stood its ground and has not resorted to any such means in building its image. It let’s its quality products speak for itself. Hence it stands as the standard in the wristwatch industry.

Quality, performance, innovation and stability are the pillars that Rolex has built its brand, since the introduction of wristwatches. The company first sold pocket watches and folding watches called travel clocks when it was first formed in 1905 as Wilsdorf & Davis. Interestingly, until this time, it was only women who wore wristwatches. Later it became popular when people realized how impractical it was to have pocket watches, this was during the Boer War of South Africa (1899-1902) when they noticed the soldiers with wristwatches.

Seeing the opportunity in this new market, Hans Wilsdorf, along with his brother-in-law, William Davis formed the company and began producing high quality watches. Around three years after W & D was formed, the company’s name was officially changed to Rolex, a name that was trademarked by Wilsdorf. Somewhere during that time, the benefits of having a logo and brand name to distinguish a product from its competitors was just being discovered, and Wilsdorf capitalized on this opportunity. In essence they wanted a name that was easy to pronounce by all, had no meaning as such in any European language and something that was short and easy to spell. Another example of simple brand name was George Eastman naming his camera Kodak.


It was from Herman Aegler’s Rebberg firm that Rolex got their mechanics in a watch. As a teenager Wilsdorf worked at Cuno Korten with Aegler, a watch exporter in Switzerland. Quite often Wilsdorf would set up 15 watches and check them each for accuracy and it was here at Cuno Korten that Wilsdorf’s obession with accuracy began. Also he would submit the most accurate ones to the Neuchatel Observatory for testing without permission. However this was overlooked since all the testing passed and he received much praise from his seniors. Much later Aegler’s company came to produce exclusively for Rolex, as it does today. Aegler’s descendants still run the company, although owned by Rolex.

With his new company, Wilsdorf’s obsession for accuracy continued. He was awarded the world’s first chronometer award for a wristwatch, after sending the first Rolex movement to the School of Horology in Bienne, Switzerland. Rolex began to gain a worldwide reputation for the finest quality watches, with this award. Rolex watches went on to win a number of awards. Rolex received numerous awards. In 1914, Rolex received the Class A Certificate of Precision award from the Kew Observatory in England, previously only given to marine chronometers. During the testing the watches were subjected to three temperatures and five positions. This entire testing lasted for 45 days. After, Wilsdorf insisted that all Rolex watches would be sold only with an Official Timing Certificate and all their watches would be subjected to a similar testing.

Performance and Innovation

Wilsdorf realized that his watches needed to be extremely durable, in addition to accurate. Under his leadership and direction, Rolex made many innovations in either creating the technology or buying patents that made wrist watches dust proof, water proof, and auto winding. Wilsdorf did not do anything in half measure and showcased its performance and advertised the new products in a dramatic manner.

After the world’s first truly water-resistant watch was created, the first example of this was illustrated. Two inventors named, Paul Perregaux and Georges Peret, developed a new moisture proof winding stem and button, which they put on the watch cases and on October 30, 1925, filed a patent for the same. Prior to this, the winding stem was situated inside the watches case, and wasn’t really practical to the masses as this meant that the case had to be opened everyday to wind. And so Rolex had the world’s only moisture proof case, now that the winding stem was outside the watch. From this design the Oyster watch was developed. On October1, 1927, when Mercedes Gleitze swam across the English Channel, she sported a Rolex Oyster. She came forth from a swim that lasted for more than 15 hours, with her Rolex in perfect condition. Wilsdorf capitalized on this and on November 27th of the same year, in London’s Daily Mail, he took out a front page ad of Gleitze’s picture and her story. Thereafter, the new Oyster was placed in small aquariums, wherever Rolexes were sold, to further exhibit its water resistant capabilities, this was on Wilsdorf’s instructions. In fact, Sir Edmund Hillary wore a Rolex when he climbed the Rolex, in 1953.


In spite of the company being more than 100 years old, Rolex, in order to maintain its stability as the world’s best watch, did several innovative things. And so, due to this stability, in the midst of changes that wiped out a number of watch manufacturers, Rolex not only survived, but blossomed. In the 1950’s, the quartz watch was invented, which created low cost time pieces. During the 1970’s about half of the watches sold worldwide were structured on this quartz technology. Hong Kong was the largest watch producer. Since its relocation in 1919, Rolex has been located in Switzerland and never used outsourcing which keeps excellent quality control.

Having made a short venture into quartz technology, Rolex stuck to its foundation and continued to market their basic craft, which was considered old in industry standards. A typical quartz watch has around 50 to100 parts compared to a typical Rolex which has around 220 parts and takes almost a year to produce. Combined with a strong brand name, true craftsmanship can still have value – Rolex was a testimony to this fact.

Rolex kept up to its name and image, and never ventured out to produce any other products, unlike many other manufacturers of luxury items, who lent their name to various high end products. While temporary profits may have been a gain for these manufacturers, their brand name often diminished. And thus, Rolex is a name synonymous to wristwatches only.

In comparison to many of today’s well known watch companies which are owned by the same two or three companies, Rolex never resorted to take shelter under any corporate or conglomerate. These well-known companies took advantage of their corporate resources and were able to promote their individual product lines. In 1960, Wilsdorf left the company to look after a foundation in order to avoid their interests being mixed or combined with those of various different watch companies. Wilsdorf’s original vision was that the company would never be bought or publicly traded by a larger company.

In terms of gross revenue, Rolex has emerged as the world’s number one seller of watches and will be able to compete for years to come. Customers are ensured that they are investing in a quality product, one that will be valuable in the future. The high class performance, innovative techniques, stability and its commitment to its foundation of quality, all these features provide value to all Rolex customers.