Luxury Timepieces That Define Men’s Bold and Daring Personality

Luxury watches are designed with the beauty of the ultimate craftsmanship. The fine cut and delicate design make these timepieces regal in look and appeal. The first thing comes in mind hearing Swiss watches is perfection in precision. The leading Swiss watchmakers convey this legacy through the eloquent collection of luxury timepieces. The commitment of […]

The Rolex Counterfeit Industry

Since Rolex has been considered the very top of the line in both quality and performance in the field of luxury watches for almost a century, the company and the brand have had to suffer the crime of counterfeiting. It is all too common to find fake or duplicate Rolex watches sold all over the […]

Luxury Watches with China Elements

Ulysse Nardin Genghis Khan In all ages, many western designers who create luxury watches especially for Chinese market always take the advantage of China related elements into their products’ design. For example, the Watch Museum of Beijing Forbidden City does collect kinds of antique watches with accurate time, delicate style and fresh colors. Besides, it […]

Rolex Datejust

Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand by far,producing about 2,000 watches per day.Rolex watches are popularly considered status symbols,many people all over the world are proud to own a Rolex watch.Rolex has innovated a series of watch models, Rolex Air king, Rolex Datejust, Rolex Day Date, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Explorer, Rolex GMT,Rolex Milgauss, Rolex […]

How To Tell A Fake New Or Used Watch

The Luxury watch industry is one of the biggest second hand market places in the world and unfortunately, one that is rife with replicas. There are literally millions of people out there wearing fake Rolex, fake Panerai and all sorts of other brands and some knowingly, but enough believe they’re sporting the real deal. My […]

Men’s and Women’s Luxury Watches

Men usually do not worry too much about style and elegance; men usually buy things including watches easily as women do.  While this is a convenient way to buy watches, choice of luxury or designer watch is important for many reasons.  Thus, this Men’s and Women’s Luxury Watches buying guide is going to be helpful […]

Women’s Luxury Watches

Men and women are different. That fact has been scientifically proven. And their purchases usually back up this finding. When it comes to watches, a woman usually wants something that is slimmer and lighter, but has the same functions as the larger watches most men prefer. What does a woman want when looking for a […]

The Ladies Watch Collection by Rolex

Rolex is known all over the world as the producer of top-of-the-line luxury watches. Each Rolex watch is meticulously refined and crafted with a superb attention to detail. This makes it one of the most prestigious luxury watch brands for both men and women. Rolex offers a fantastic line of ladies watch. Lady Rolex watches […]

Men’s Luxury Watches

When it comes down to it, what accessories does a man have? A belt, a wedding ring, and perhaps a pinky ring. Some men may even wear a necklace. However compared to women, men don’t usually add as many accessories to their wardrobe with one exception. Most men wear a watch and the selection of […]