Can’t Afford Panerai Watches? Here Are A Few Others To Look At!

It’s openly admitted that watches such as Panerai watches, Hublot watches and Patek Philippe watches are some of the most expensive watches in the watchmaking industry – I’m sure you can even find a Rolex which is one of the more popular and favorable brands and it’s going to be cheaper than a Panerai. These luxury watches are not for everyone, and that’s okay! They are made with quality materials and the utmost respect, but some people can’t afford to buy a watch with a $45,000 price range.

Let’s say that when picking out a watch for Dad’s birthday, there is no way you could possibly afford such an expensive watch – unless you are a Donald Trump-er! I’m not saying ohhh it’s horrible that watches are so expensive! I’m saying that you have other options available to you that will still give you a new watch for Dad or Grandpa, but at a price you can afford. Christmas is coming up soon and this guide just might help you in the nick of time!

Seiko Coutura Kinetic Chronograph watch: This is a really cool watch because it has a mixture of all business and fun as far as looks go. It is silver lined with gold accents – not yellow gold either. This is a more subdued gold. Like automatic and quartz glass, Kinetic is a platform. Over the past 20 years, SEIKO has created on this platform an entourage of Kinetic trends, each bringing unique characteristics to the consumer and the watch market. This watch is really mildly priced at around $300. It’s not exactly “luxury” per se, but it is quality craftsmanship nonetheless.

Tissot SWISS Titanium T-Touch Trekking: This is without a doubt a sports watch, rubber band with big yellow face and hands really puts the WOW in this watch. This watch is also unique in that it has a “touch” face. That’s right, just like a tough computer or an iPod touch. Once you press on this watches face the different functions such as Barometer, Altimeter, Thermometer, Compass, Alarm and Chronograph available. This starts at about $500.

Movado Sapphire SS Men’s Swiss Leather Strap Watch: Starting to move on up! This watch starts at around $900 and is considered a nice option if you want a quality semi-luxury watch, but with a payable price. This watch also features a sophisticated Stainless Steel Case, Black Authenticated Leather Strap, Black Movado Key Signature dot dial set with Silver tone dauphin hand indicants, flat scratch resistant sapphire crystal, Swiss quartz movement, water resistant up to 30 meters/100 feet!

Big Bang 44mm Novelties Chocolate Bang: I’ll be the first to say it, this watch is a little on the odd side – it’s ALL brown aka Chocolate! This watch is a novelty item, but offers brown stainless steel case, brown steel bezel, brown dial, a self winding movement with chronograph functions and it has about 42 hours of reserve power for the watch. Obviously since everything else is brown, the watch also comes with a brown strap as well and it is water resistant. This watch costs about $8,000. Yes! You’ve read that right. I think the main reason behind this isn’t that it’s necessarily a luxury watch per se, but it is a novelty item.